When do Christmas Celebrations Typically Begin in Finland

When do Christmas Celebrations Typically Begin in Finland

Finland has a deep connection with Christmas traditions. The Finnish culture presents its way of enjoying the festival of Christmas. Aside from the cultural differences, you will feel way more unique Christmas traditions exclusive to the people of Finland. The Finns start to celebrate Christmas before it begins. They arrange pre-Christmas parties and events to enjoy this festival in full swing. The festivities start a few days before the actual Christmas day and continue till the middle of January. If we dive into the history books, we will know where and how this unique Christmas culture came into existence.

History of Christmas in Finland

Usually, Christmas in Finland starts on 21 December and ends on 13 January. 21 December is considered Tuomas’ Day, and 13 January is considered St. Knut’s day. The Finns also used to celebrate a 3rd and a 4th Christmas day before 1774. The 3rd Christmas day was celebrated on 27 December and was the day of apostle John the Evangelist. 28 December was considered “The day of Massacre of the Innocents” and was honored as the 4th day of Christmas. After 1774, king “Gustav III of Sweden” restrained the celebration of these days and allowed only two days for Christmas. He did this so the people could focus more on their work and less on entertainment. Little weak or mid-week holidays have also been celebrated as Christmas’s 3rd and 4th days.

How Finns Like Their Christmas to be?

The Finns might not have kept the traditions running to their fullest, but they have inherited most of the Christmas celebration traits from their ancestors. They like to keep their Christmas social by spending time with their friends and families. For the first few days, they have small events or parties. They want to keep it in flow, so the smaller parties are usually less fun than the bigger parties. But nonetheless, the parties are still organized with great passion.

The kind of Christmas traditions in Finland can’t be found anywhere else. Everything feels special, from the food to the decorations to the carols and songs. From the very first day, you will be served a variety of Finnish Christmas food. The recipes they are made with and the variations to prepare each meal are countless. The Christmas tree decorations and other decorations, in general, are heartwarming. The markets and online stores in Finland have started to sell Christmas gifts and decoration items. Candles, outdoor torches, Christmas flowers, ice lanterns, and many more elements are a part of the pleasing Christmas decorations in Finland. The Finns are also fond of Christmas songs. New Christmas tracks are released yearly, while the classic ones are still enjoyed.

The Final Verdict

The Finnish have an ancient history of celebrating Christmas. Their ancestors did it, and now they are following in their footsteps with pride. The more extended Christmas period in Finland shows how much the Finns love celebrating Christmas.