The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

We live in a world where most people have access to smartphones but do not take full advantage of the numerous possibilities it affords them. Most people still prefer to take their bath, apply cosmetics, walk to their cars and drive to shopping malls, supermarkets, and public markets, where they park and join the hundreds of people involved in the exhausting business of pricing and buying things.

Some people prefer going to the parks of transport companies to buy tickets or buy tickets from airports to board a bus or a plane. When you inform them of the various possibilities and time saving their phones can offer, they will inform you that the disadvantages of online shopping greatly outweigh the advantages it provides and they still enjoy the fun and thrills experienced in the physical process.

The truth is deep down they could swipe their phones and make purchases that are delivered to them easily, but because of the insecurities they feel about online shopping and information fed them by a few bad experiences, they decide to avoid it.

This article will briefly discuss the pros and cons of online shopping by comparing it with the physical marketplace to enable more people to plug into convenience virtual shopping. A visit to platforms like would offer more information about the pros and cons of online shopping, expressed from the firsthand experiences of people.

Pros of Online Shopping

Avoiding the Crowd

The physical market is mostly filled with people struggling for space to transact businesses, and it is not uncommon for shops to have many customers, all striving to be served first, with voices and tempers rising due to delay from the shop owners and attendants. The virtual market is different – you can be in any location with internet network coverage and make an order online.


The physical market has a time frame, mostly open from 7:AM to 6:PM daily in many places. This means that for people to purchase any commodity they desire, they have to be in the market within the stipulated period, which might require abandoning whatever they have to do and hurry to the market or their shopping. The virtual market is different – it is open from dawn to dusk, and the order can be placed at any time.


Visiting the physical market for car owners means parking at a conducive space, where the car stays until they are done with your purchase, leaving your car at the mercy of thieves and vandals. The virtual market does not need people to leave the comfort of their homes. They can even stay in their restroom and purchase whatever product in whatever quantity they want.

Cons of Online Shopping


When you patronize a physical market, you know the shop owner or the sales attendant, and if you have any issues with transactions or products, you can easily identify who to approach. In the virtual market, some dubious people set up shops just to steal from unsuspecting customers and since they cannot be identified, they go free.


The physical market offers you the opportunity of picking your product as soon as you purchase it. In the virtual market, you will have to wait for some hours at best minutes, or days for your purchased products to be delivered.


The physical market allows you to negotiate prices with the seller. The virtual market does not offer you this option as you pay for products without negotiating.

Humans are not perfect and neither is the technology they create, so the choice of engaging in online shopping is entirely yours alone.