Is it a good shopping investment to buy discounts swimsuits this summer even with coronavirus situation?

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It is no news that the coronavirus outbreak has cast a dark shadow on the world. It has led the global economy to a recession, and as aptly described by the World Bank , it is one of the worst in recent times. Businesses are recording low sales, employees are being laid off, government’s fiscal intervention seems to be the saving grace of the few countries that have been able to curtail the negative effect of the pandemic.

While the present global economic outlook is depressing, some investments seem to be thriving. This concise piece attempts to answer the question of whether it is a good shopping investment to buy swimsuits at a discount during this pandemic. While we may not give a direct and emphatic answer, we shall attempt to analyze the pros and cons.

First thing first, where can you get swimsuits at a discount this summer?

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In a bid to curtail the spread of the coronavirus pandemic,  governments the world over have come up with stringent measures like social isolation and distancing. Why would you then want to buy swimsuits since chances are that your local beach and other public pools are closed? Would it not be a total waste of scarce resources?

You may proceed to buy swimsuits at discount a if you intend reselling when the pandemic is over. It is a simple economic logic that social distancing and isolation has led to a fall in the demand for swimsuits, when demand falls drastically prices are lowered and vice versa. It makes business sense to shop for swimsuits now that the prices are low with many stores offering discounts and resell at a higher price later when things return to normal.

If you do not dare to take the risk of buying now when the prices are low, you may keep your money and buy when the pandemic is over. Of what benefit will it be to buy swimsuits when most public pools are closed, and you cannot show off your banging bikini body.

As you might have noticed, the question of whether it is a good shopping investment to buy swimsuits at a discount has no clear-cut answer. Your answer depends on the need you want to put the swimsuits to.

Going by the situation of things globally, people seem to be generally more concerned about staying safe from the cold hands of the coronavirus disease. The richest man in China, Jack Ma famously said that this year is not the year of worrying whether an investment is making a profit or not, it is the year of trying to stay alive.