Importance of Wearing the Right Bra Size

Importance of Wearing the Right Bra Size

So many ladies find it difficult choosing the right bra size; the majority of those that fall in this category are young ladies who are just reaching the puberty stage or ladies clocking the age of eighteen years. Some matured ladies/mothers also face this problem mainly due to ignorance as they don’t know the right bra size for them, and they don’t care.

You will be risking your health if you don’t take time to know the right bra size that fits you, as you are exposing yourself to the danger of ill health (headache or neck pain).

In other not to get confused about getting the right bra, we have come up with answers to questions that may be bothering you on why, how, and where to get the right bra for you.


What does bra fitting involve?

The first thing is to get professionally measured. It is a simple and easy method of knowing the of your breast, mostly done by a female bra measurement specialist. It requires that you take off your top cloth and current bra so the specialist could measure your rib cage with a tape. After the measurement, the specialist will give you samples of the right size you should always wear.

Why you must be professionally measured

Bra fitting exercise helps you get the right bra for your breast. It saves you from an unnecessary problem as you are consulting experts whose job is to help you with the right thing to do. You may end up going home with a different bra and different understanding of what kind of bra you must always use if you don’t want to have an unnecessary headache.

How often do I get measured?

The standard time for you to check your bra fitting is every six months. The reason for that is because of certain factors. You may feel you have gained too much weight, so you need to lose weight; likewise, your age is also another determinant. Don’t be reluctant to go for a checkup as bra fitting measurement is free of charge.

As a sports lady, do I need a special bra?

There are bras for sports ladies; a good one must provide the right under support for your breast just as any other quality breast bra should do.


Wearing the right bra size is essential for all women. It helps to hold the breast firmly, look good, and feel a right hand in hand. It is also necessary that as a woman, you invest in yourself so you can be at your best as you go about your daily activities. The most important of all is that you must make sure you choose the right bra brand. The best place you can find the right bra brand is brayola. There are lots of brayola reviews online that will help you understand how people choose their kind of bra. Create time to visit the bra fitting specialists, it’s free of charge.