How To Look After Your Prom Dress

How To Look After Your Prom Dress

For many girls, a prom is a prelude to their wedding day and is a massive event. Taking care of your dress is essential to ensure it lasts a lifetime and is suitable to be passed on to a daughter or niece.


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Use a garment protector for the prom dress

Hang your dress up in the wardrobe, preferably in a garment protector to avoid any tears or threads being pulled accidentally. Allow it to breathe and let the wrinkles fall out of it naturally, avoiding packing it into too tight space.


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A non-costly way of getting rid of creases is to place the dress on a hanger and hang it on the top of the bathroom door. Turn on the shower or even jump in and turn the valve to the hottest you can bear. Make sure the door is closed and allow the steam to surround the dress and ease those wrinkles.

According to BBC News, Maesteg Comprehensive School in Wales had over 200 dresses donated to help students who find the cost of a new dress challenging.

If you want to buy and keep a garment, an array of stunning prom dresses is available from fashion brands such as

Air your dress and make sure it is free of wrinkles

When prom day approaches, give your dress enough time to air and ensure it is free of creases. Try the dress on again to make sure no last-minute alterations are required. If the wrinkles persist, there are some steps you can take to remedy the situation.

If you own a hand-held steamer, you can correct wrinkles in the fabric at home; alternatively, a dry cleaner will be able to press it professionally to take out any creases. Keep the dress away from direct sunlight or the colors could fade. You can now put on your dress and enjoy the evening.

When prom night is over and you want to keep the dress in mint condition, firstly check for any stains or loose threads. Make sure any rips or holes are mended. A professional can assist or the job can be done at home if you have the skills. Lastly, store the dress so that you can wear it again at a function or pass it on.